Avoid the 2 Biggest Mistakes Small Business Make When Marketing on Internet

The incredible marketing leverage the internet provides from business owners is invaluable in today day and age. The internet has allowed small business owners and start-ups to really expand their marketing message, increasing their marketing reach and often much more cost effective than past traditional marketing methods.

Internet marketing should be at the top or any small businesses marketing arsenal however like all tools if you don’t have an understanding how to use it, it will cost you.

After helping out dozens of local small business owners make more money and generate more leads using the internet I have found there are a few core reasons why most of them struggle in the first place.

1. Your Website.

I see this problem happen all the time when I work local business clients. Many have acted and got a website created and uploaded to the World Wide Web and I congratulate them for taking action.

The problem is that many pay a graphic designer $10000 or more for a ‘beautiful’ website only to discover 6 months later that their website has not made them any money and has not generated any leads.

What most small business owners don’t understand is that a ‘beautiful’ website won’t get you more customers. There are certain elements a graphic designer will never tell you about (even if they did know about them) that you can tweak on your existing site that can quickly turn it not just into a beautiful website but one that is a lead magnet.

Many of these tweaks won’t cost you any money at all but they can be the difference between zero customers to your website versus hundreds or even thousands of customer every month.

2. Getting Visitors To Your Website

This where many small business owners are told to hire an expensive SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or PPC (Pay-Per-Click) firm and get them to do it for you. What many SEO and PPC companies don’t want you to know is that what they are doing to get your website listed in the search engines is not that difficult once you understand HOW it works.

Some companies even guarantee to get them a first page ranking in Google within the next 30 days. Yet what most of these companies do is pick an obscure keyword or phrase like ‘San Jose Dentist who like to fish’ which only get 1 visitor every other year and only take them about 30 seconds to get a first page ranking.

Obviously the reason they don’t tell you how simple it is because if you understood the step-by-step process you would just get your assistant or receptionist to do these tasks between phone calls.