How To Leverage Yourself As a Small Business Owner

So you are thinking about getting into the speaking business and you have been talking to a lot of people (especially the ones who don’t have any experience)and they have shared with you crazy stories and myths which are now making you unsure about going into it full force.

Well, let me rest your mind. There are 3 myths that you need to know that will help you on your venture in speaking. First off you can use speaking in anything. It could be sharing information about your product at a convention, a teleseminar, or you could be a key-note speaker at a conference. All of them are useful and can help you build your small business. Speaking will help you separate yourself from your competition because you leverage yourself as the expert and leading authority with speaking, people get to know you and trust you. And when people trust you they will buy from you.

A lot of people think that you need to be elegant when you talk! This is not true at all. Talk the way you talk or let it come out the way that it needs to come out. You don’t have to have this wonderful English ancient voice to speak, you can talk the way you always do, as long as you are giving out the good information that can help better the person’s life listening. By giving good information people will sub-consciously want to know more about you and your small business.

Usually you might get that one person that will say that you need credentials. Ha-ha I have to laugh! You don’t need to have credentials!!! You know your product and or service(at least you should) and no one can tell you about your small business and what you can do for others better than you can. You created it so the credential thing needs to be thrown out the window. You are the expert.

Last but not least and the most important thing that people might do is trying to become something that they are not. If you don’t remember anything else that I have written on this page please remember… BE YOURSELF WHEN YOU SPEAK TO AN AUDIENCE, you were sent here to solve a problem. The prospects and or people who you are to help with your small business, want to hear from you because of you. Every business owner is called to help a group of people so be yourself they will find you. And by being yourself you can never go wrong.

If you follow these tips they will help you in your journey of speaking so get rid of all the crazy myths and thoughts that people might have said or things that you might have heard. Be yourself, know your product and or service and what it does, deliver the information to the people who are asking for it and you will be fine. You can’t help but to be successful.

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